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Chocolate Box


“After the success of the Timeless Beauty exhibition, where more than 40 000 people saw Marc’s work in the Gallo-Roman Museum in Belgium last year, we felt it was the right time to share some part of our father’s unseen work he shot with Chocolate Polaroid. Next to the collection where we reveal new enlarged chocolate polaroids, we will release a new luxury photo-box, called “The Chocolate Box”. In 1998, Marc released his first ‘Black Box’ and he has always been very keen on the idea of bringing out a new one so we now wanted, in this particular way, to share some of Marc’s beautiful, never before published chocolate photographs with a broader audience and make a limited series and some original pieces available to collectors of his work around the world.”


– Vincent and Frederik Lagrange

Marc Lagrange Chocolate Box

650,00 €Price
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